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Major Events

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Hiroshima Prefecture Map

There are many events held in Hiroshima Prefecture throughout the year.
Hiroshima Flower Festival (Hiroshima City)(1), where Heiwa-dori (Heiwa Street) and the nearby area will be surrounded with flowers.
Onomichi Betcha Festival (Onomichi City) (2)which started in the Edo Period.
Miyajima-on-the-Sea Fireworks Display (Miyajima)(3).  Otorii of Itsukushima Shrine is illuminated by the light of the fireworks. 
Yassa Festival (Mihara City)(4).  The whole town becomes full of Yassa Dance.
Taiamiryo - Sea bream net fishing.  (Fukuyama City) (5), which is a special event that makes one feel the arrival of summer in Tomonoura.
Cormorant fishing (Miyoshi City) (6)with old traditions.
Kagura (ancient Shinto music and dancing) (7), which is thriving in the northern part of the prefecture. (Geihoku Region and Bihoku Region)
Sake Matsuri – Festival.(Higashihiroshima City)(8),Mibu no Hanadaue - Rice planting.(Kitahiroshima-cho)(9)

Hiroshima Flower Festival
Hiroshima Flower Festival
Onomichi Beccha Festival
Onomichi Beccha Festival
Miyajima Aquatic Fireworks Display
Miyajima Aquatic Fireworks Display

Mihara Yassai Festival
Mihara Yassa Festival

Taiami Sea Bream Netting
Fukuyama,Tomonoura Taiami Sea Bream Netting
Cormorant Fishing
Miyoshi:Cormorant Fishing
Kagura Plays
Kagura Plays(Geihoku and Bihoku region)
Japanese Sake Festival
Higashi-Hiroshima:Japanese Sake Festival
Hana-Taue in Mibu
Kita-Hiroshima:Hana-Taue in Mibu(Rice Planting in Mibu)