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Geihoku Region

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Hiroshima Prefecture MapGeihoku Region is located in the northwest of Hiroshima Prefecture including the Nishi-Chugoku Mountains National Park.  There is a skiing area where you will be surrounded by nature(1),  Sandankyo, a large and beautiful canyon(2),  Shinnyuzan Green Shower Auto Camp, where outdoor life can be enjoyed(3),  Kaguramonzentoujimura where you can enjoy a hot spring, Shinto music and dancing(4),  Haji-Dam Sports Land where you can enjoy fresh air by the lake(5), Akitakata City Museum of Local History displays materials of the Sengoku Era including the warrior, Motonari Mori(6),  Wakunaga Garden which displays various flowers and greenery throughout the four seasons(7).

Holding claim to the highest concentration of ski resorts in the Chugoku-Shikoku region, Hiroshima Prefecture is well visited by skiers from regions as far as Shikoku and Kyushu.
The prefecture is home to nearly 20 ski resorts, with over half located in the northern Geihoku Region.

Ski Area
Ski Area2
Western Area of the Prefecture:Ski Area

Sandankyo Gorge
Aki-Ota:Sandankyo Gorge
Mt.Shinnyuzan Camp Ground
Aki-Ota:Mt.Shinnyuzan Camp Ground
Kagura Monzen Toji-mura
Kagura Monzen Toji-mura(and hot springs)
Haji Dam Sports Land
Aki-Takata:haji Dam Sports Land
Yoshida History and Ethnology Museum
Aki-Takata:Yoshida History and Ethnology Museum
Wakunaga Manji Memorial Garden
Aki-Takata:Wakunaga Manji Memorial Garden